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  • I give my full consent for my child, to participate in Basketball training sessions and/or match/s conducted by India ABN.
  • I assume full responsibility for any claims, losses, costs, articles or liabilities arising out of or related to my child’s participation in the Basketball training sessions and/or match/s.
  • I accept that these activities carry with them some degree of risk both to person and property and knowing this risk, I still desire my child to participate in these sessions.
  • In cases of medical emergency or in the unlikely event of an accident, I release, waive and hold harmless the India ABN including all member companies and its affiliates thereof, coaches, technical staff and directors from any claims, losses, damages or expenses which may arise during the Basketball training sessions and/or match/s.
  • I also agree with the rules and code of conduct for players, parents and guardian. Any abuse (physical or verbal) against other players, coaches, staff and members of the public will be treated with ZERO tolerance and will result in the immediate removal from the Basketball training sessions and/or match/s conducted by India ABN.
  • Refunds are the sole discretion of India ABN and will only be given under exceptional circumstances. Payments once made for a program are full and final.
  • By registering to participate I agree to be bound by these ‘Terms & Conditions’.
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