Basketball Academy Training Opportunities

ABN Elite Fundamentals Development ( Beginners- Included in Group Trainings)

ABN provides a proven developmental methodology to take a beginning basketball player to a higher level in the most efficient, fun, dynamic, and systematic way. Beginning players of all ages will immediately develop confidence, control, and social skills as they learn the foundations of the world’s most exciting sport. Players will use modern training concepts which are exclusive to ABN academies. Joining ABN assures a player of complete and solid foundations. The philosophy of ABN’s training sessions will develop the character and personalities of all participants. Players learn to work hard towards common goals, as well as learn to set their own intrinsic goals. The development of the individual is not just on the court… parents will see the change immediately…

ABN Elite Fundamentals Development (Intermediate- Included in Group Trainings)

Experienced Players, and Players who have mastered the basic foundations of basketball are tracked individually into programs which fit exactly to their individual needs. ABN has found the key to elite player development is from differentiated instruction, and intermediate players all begin to work on different facets of their individualized targeted goals. Players begin to earn certificates which demonstrate levels of proficiency, as they now master not only the individual skills necessary to be successful in basketball, but learn the concepts and tactics involved in small team play. Learning combinations and strategies how to use and help teammates will make the game both more enjoyable, as well as competitive for the individual. The adversity of training will now also teach players how to deal with resistance in life. ABN has always believed that the strength of an individual’s character is always defined by how one handles adversity… the developmental goals which each individual will set for themselves will also help shape their fortitude… ABN watches as young players develop the habits of successful adults!

ABN Elite Fundamentals Development (Advanced- Included in Group Trainings)

ABN takes talented basketball players and offers them specialized training which can set give them future opportunities in the sport. Such opportunities could be national team participation, overseas training camps, overseas schools, and for the real special players, a career as a professional basketball players. ABN specializes players and develops all four necessary quadrants for a player to be successful at the highest competitive levels: technical, tactical, physical, and mental. Players are exposed to scouting services and online profiles will be available to overseas inquiries. Specialized instructions teaches advanced players at this level how to dominate in specific roles and positions of the game, how to become specialists in different art forms, and how to integrate all the foundations into a personalized playing style which will manifest itself as a peak performing player. Players will face demanding goals which will require patience, diligence, perseverance, risk taking, problem solving, collaboration, and performance under pressure. This process will not only shape the destiny of the player, but will form the character and personality of the individual so that they are successful in all aspects of life… not just on the court. ABN prides itself in its basketball philosophy, but prides itself even more in developing future citizens.

PERSONALIZED and SMALL GROUP TRAININGS ( Extra Service which can be booked)

ABN also offers the ability for advanced players to book small and private sessions in:

a. Basketball Skills ( specificity)
b. Mental Training ( tests and challenges)
c. Physical Training ( programs and personal training)
d. Video ( video analysis)

CAMPS ( Extra Service which can be booked)
ABN will offer a minimum of one full week camp for players to receive full immersion into the sport of basketball. These camps will be all day events during the school vacation periods, and will include guest professional coaches and players coming to give all players a feel of what an American Style camp will feel like.
DOMESTIC COMPETITION (Extra Service which can be booked)
ABN will associate all training academies with a local club and help find a club or school team for all participants to play on.
INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Extra Service which can be booked)

ABN will take select teams to international competitions against other ABN locations, as well as participate in other international tournaments.
ABN will also take select individual players to international elite basketball training camps

USA WORKSOPS ( Extra Service which can be booked)
ABN will conduct FREE workshops for parents and players twice a year to explain the process, protocol, and rules for players interested in going and playing in the USA.
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